Saturday, September 5, 2009

Auction Rules

  1. All bidders must have a bid number. Bid numbers can only be given out in exchange for a valid phone number or credit card number. To receive a bid number, please email the Walk of Trees chairs.
  2. Bidding on all auctions will begin November 1st or later as information becomes available. Auctions will end before 2pm November 7th as noted in their descriptions.
  3. Trees and wreaths with a reserve price will be noted as such in their description.
  4. The tree & wreath lobby at Receptions of Loveland will be open for viewing auction on Wednesday November 4th noon - 6pm, Thursday November 5th 9am - 8pm, and Friday November 6th 9am - 3pm. There is no charge for entry during this period. All trees will be fully set up and decorated by 6pm Thursday November 5th.
  5. Bids can be made by phone, text, or email. All texted and emailed bids will receive a confirmation reply to let you know your bid was received. Kindervelt Markt takes no responsibility for phone bids not received or received late due to busy signals or for emailed or texted bids received late or overlooked.
  6. Bids can also be made in person during tree viewing hours or at Gala or Markt.
  7. Bidding will be updated online at Walk of Trees. Kindervelt Markt is not responsible for delays in updates due to technical difficulties.
  8. Proxy bids will be accepted by pre-arrangement. All proxy bidding requires a valid credit card number.
  9. Except as noted, bidding shall increase in $10 minimum increments. Ending bids which do not increase the previous bid by the stated minimum shall be declared invalid and the item awarded to the underbidder.
  10. In the case of a bid in the final one minute of any auction, five minutes will be added to the ending time of that auction to give the underbidder a chance to bid again.
  11. Trees 5' and over can be delivered within a 50-mile radius of Loveland, OH. All others must be picked up at Receptions of Loveland by the winning bidder by 3:00 Saturday November 7th, 2009.

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