Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Arctic Dreams of Delight

Tree: 70-1 Arctic Dreams of Delight SOLD

Tree Height: 7.5 feet

Height with topper: 8 feet

Diameter at base: 43 inches

Colors: Blue, silver, white

Ornaments: Penguins, polar bears, frosty snow flakes, glacier blue ornaments

Description: A delightful polar theme brings whimsy to this tall, slim-profile tree that will fit nicely into many spaces or corners. Premium-quality, pre-lighted lakewood pine with elegant, twinkling white lights (replacement bulbs included for steady-light option) includes patented microchip technology - a chip in every socket guarantees that the tree stays lit even if individual bulbs become burned-out, loose, broken, or even missing. Includes a metal tree stand. 500 mini-lights, 1520 branch tips.

Extras: Penguin Christmas cards, penguin DVDs (Surf's Up and Happy Feet), penguin stacking boxes, penguin nesting dolls, stuffed versions of the Coca Cola penguin and polar bear, a trio of stuffed, penguin snow-shovelers (to adorn a mantle or counter), a ceramic penguin votive holder, and wrapping paper, ribbon, and gift tags. There's even a lighted, 60", wobbling penguin to adorn your front yard!

Value of tree plus extras: $200

Buy Now Price: $200

Bid History
T908 $200 Auction ended early with Buy Now


Bidding Ends: 1:45pm Saturday November 8

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