Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jimmie Johnson Nascar Tree

Tree: 56-3 Jimmie Johnson Nascar Tree SOLD

Tree Height: 4.5 feet

Height with topper: 50 inches

Diameter at base: 28 inches

Colors: Blue, gold, gray, silver

Ornaments: Jimmie Johnson ornaments, gray Lowe’s hat ornaments, black tire ornaments and black and white checked bows with checkered flag topper.

Description: This fun tree will delight the fan of Nascar's #48 Jimmie Johnson! Great for year-round display in a rec room or Man Space.

Value: $80

Buy Now Price: $85

Bid History
G174 $30
G169 $35
X2001 $40
T922 $50
G169 $55
T922 $60
G169 $65
T922 $70


Bidding Ends: 1:10pm Saturday Nov 8th.

Ready to bid on this tree? If you don't yet have a bidding number, please EMAIL US your phone number and a good time to call.


Bids are accepted via phone or onsite at Receptions of Loveland. You'll be able to follow the bidding on your tree by checking here, so bookmark this site! Or, visit Receptions of Loveland (10681 Loveland-Madeira Road) on Wednesday November 5th noon - 6pm, Thursday November 6th 9am - 8pm, or Friday November 7th 9am - 3pm. Or attend Kinderklaus Gala or Kinderklaus Markt and bid there!

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